Simple tips to decorate the party table

The styling for parties has become most popular in all around the world. In Party Styling beautiful desert table gives the real “Wow” fact, not only for big events and weddings but for smaller occasions, children parties, and get together. To make things easy, Party Ocean is happy to share some easy useful steps to create an easy desert table.


Create a decorative framework

Firstly decorate the wall and move your table against the decorated wall. Covering your table with long cloth and adding an extra colour with a contrasting runner along the table top gives more attraction to the decoration. Then decorate the front of the table with the suitable banner.


Placing suitable containers

Consider using containers with a wide mouth which will let people to access the contents easily. Using vases, ice cream cups, any other object with an opening is more suitable to be used in party tables.

Choose your Contents for the party

Firstly consider how you are going to fill the largest containers on the table. Try to fill the large containers with contents which are cheap to buy in bulk. Jelly beans, marshmallows and candy provide lots of volume. Fill the small containers with more expensive candies. At the same time make sure that you give one bag of candy for each child who comes to the party. For adult, one bag per couple is fair enough and you will need around a plate of candy per service as well. Displaying lollipops standing up in a box with holes, placing your party bags, keeping drink dispenser and filling some jars with pop corns will add more interest to the table. Keep the cake on the table as well.


Add Decorative Details and achieve balance

To gain more personalized touch for the party table decoration, incorporate the birthday child’s name in the decor. Then use the cake toppers and other food signs to match your colour theme. When arranging the candies on the table try to have variations of heights in them.  These candies should be arranged as taller items at the back or sides and shorter items in front. Also make sure to fill in the whole depth of your table from back to front. The easiest way to get the balance right is to have two of everything placed evenly on either side of a centred single item. The birthday cake makes a perfect centrepiece.

When putting together your table, occasionally stand back to make sure the balance is right and everything is visible.