Birthday Party Decoration is sometimes considered as the difficult task when there is not a clear guidance for the party decorations. The most important fact is to consider the person who is celebrating the birthday party.


The decoration differs according to their gender (such as male or female) and their age. The key birthday party decorations are balloons or an alternative table centrepiece, banners and table confetti. There are lots of other accessories available such as bubbles, favours, tablecloths, paper plates and party poppers. Before arranging a birthday party it is most important to consider some important facts such as considering that whether there is any restriction in the venue where the party is going to be held.  Some venues won’t allow table confetti and won’t allow anything to be attached to the wall.


There are a few tips and points which we consider in our Party Ocean decoration tasks. 

 Colours for party decoration

  • Jewel colours – strong green, red, blue, yellow and purple
  • Pastels – soft pink, lilac, pale blue, mint green
  • Strong bright – hot pink, lime and purple
  • Black and white or silver
  • Shades of blue
  • Shades of pink


Considering the quantities of items

The quantity of the items depend on how on the venue. If you are having a small party at home or you have hired a small function room then space may be limited. You may however have a huge area to fill and so will need lots of balloons and bunting to fill the space. Always allow one set of balloons per round table and at least two for a long top or buffet table. Balloons look good at doorways and on the corners of a dance floor.


Important Table Centrepieces for a party


Banners are available for all the major birthdays. It always creates the party feel and banners are available in lots of different colours. These are a range from small banners to big banners. Party Ocean can supply these and they are available in a wide range of colour in our shop. We also supply personalised banners for any event, and you can choose words, colour, font and images. Along with banner, bunting is massively popular at the moment and shower proof bunting is a great option for outdoors.


Table cloths, table runners, paper plates and paper napkins are also available in many designs in our Party Ocean.  There are some lovely cloth feeling paper options available or you can use organza roll, cut into strips. You may wish the age to be printed on them or to have a pretty design in the chosen party colour.


There is a massive choice of balloon colours and prints in our Party Ocean. There are lots of plain colours and patterns which can all be mixed and matched to fit in with your desired colour scheme.


Decorating the party venue along with flowers also gives an extra attraction to the party surrounding. This flower decoration can be arranged by using cut flowers from the garden or purchased. You can use simple vases or oasis to create lovely displays.

Table Confetti

Table confetti is mostly available in birthdays together with lots of shapes such as champagne glass, stars, hearts and butterflies. Mixing a couple of designs together gives a great effect to the party decoration.

Other Decorations

You can add more items to your tables depending on the type of party you are having. Bubbles and poppers are both great fun and you can create that party effect with streamers strung along the tables.